why we started

 There was a time when going out meant being excited and dressing up for the occasion. You wanted to put your best foot forward, to relax in reflecting who you were and to feel good. You went to one store, then to get shoes from another store, electronics from another and so on. There was no fun in spending the day in getting two or three items, but it's the way things were. Twentyonefifty has changed all that!

  At Twentyone50 we searched, and  continue to search daily for the latest in mens fashionwear ,shoes, accessories, electronics etc. so the sophisticated gentleman can reflect his 'flava' no matter the occasion. W]e keep them year round so you don't have to wait till winter to buy a coat. Whether business, casual, nightlife, or any occasion, Twentyone50 will allow you to get your swerve on. You gotta know what we're talking about to know what we're talking about. So, sit back, let Twentyone50 work hard to find whats slick and matches your level of flava or interest for the occasion . . . so you don't have to.                  


                                                                                       Staff At Twentyone50